Q and A

Q1: Can I apply as a principal researcher if I am a collaborator of another research project in the Cooperative Research Program?
A1: Yes.

Q2: Can a research meeting for preparing an application be made by email or telephone only?
A2: Yes. Such modes of communication are not problematic if the meeting remains meaningful in this format.

Q3: Who can be categorized as a "young researcher"?
A3: We define "young researcher" as those who obtained a doctoral, master's, or bachelor's degree within 8 years.

Q4: Can individuals with no affiliation at a university or research institute apply as research collaborators?
A4: Yes. It is permitted as long as the principal researcher qualifies with such an affiliation and vouches for the unaffiliated individual.

Q5: How long is the minimum research period?
A5: There is no minimum period specified.

Q6: Can the consumable items or the travel schedule be changed after the research project is adopted?
A6: Please ask your prospective host (corresponding) researcher. If the research purpose or the research plan and methods remain the same, you can modify budget use as required.

Q7: Are there any goods that cannot be purchased using the research budget?
A7: Yes. You cannot purchase items such as video cameras or other goods that are mentioned in the Guide for Administrative Procedures.

Q8: How can I decide whether to apply to the A. Planned Research Projects or B. Individual Research Projects categories?
A8: If your research targets one of the planned research areas and your host is one of the research promoters, apply to A. Planned Research Projects.

Q9: Are applications to each of the three cooperative research categories (A, B, C) evaluated in the same way?
A9: Yes. All applications undergo the same review process.

Q10: Can I apply to the A. Planned Research category if my counterpart at PRI is not an organizer of the project category?
A10: Yes.

Q11: How can I use the funds allotted to me through the Cooperative Research Program?
A11: Consumables can be purchased through registered vendors by your host researcher. If using cooperative research funds to cover travel costs, these will be reimbursed to you via your host during or after your stay at PRI.

Q12: Is research at zoos acceptable?
A12: No. Such research is not acceptable for our cooperative research program. As mentioned in the application guidelines, PRI aims to recruit projects that use resources at PRI or involve experiments and observation at PRI facilities.