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English report

AS-HOPE 事業報告


Supervise a Master’s student observing chimpanzees in Kalinzu Forest Reserve

報告者:フレッド ベルコビッチ

期間:2012/8/6 - 2012/8/23

 I went to Kalinzu Forest Reserve Research Field Station, which has been a study site for chimpanzees by Dr. Chie Hashimoto since the early 1990s, to advise and supervise Ms. Sojung Han, a CICASP Master's student, regarding potential PhD research topics. The field site was quite challenging, but provided a wonderful opportunity to observe and hear chimpanzees in a secondaryforest. I was in the field between 10 and 20 August, and spent eight days tracking chimpanzees. We covered 70 km, over very steep, and thick forested, hillsides, during that time. We heard, but did not see, olive baboons, but wewere able to both see and hear L'Hoest's guenon, redtail monkeys, blue monkeys,and black and white colobus monkeys, as well as chimpanzees. During our foraysinto the forest, we were fortunate to witness two episodes of hunting of blackand white colobus monkeys by the chimpanzees. I left the study site convincedthat chimpanzees are heavily dependent upon both their visual and acoustic senses to mediate and regulate their social relationships and party size and composition.

Ms. Sojung Han, and two field assistants, watch chimpanzees in the Kalinzu Forest

An adult male chimpanzee eating a black and white colobus monkey following a chimpanzee hunt

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