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English report

AS-HOPE 事業報告


Pilot study to assess feasibility of observation of and fecal sampling from macaques


期間:2013/1/ 21 - 2013/2/5

Between 21 January and 5 February 2013, I conducted boat censuses of primates along the Menanggul river, a tributary of the Kinabatangan, in Sabah, Malaysian Borneo. This work was conducted with Dr. Ikki Matsuda and Mr. Yosuke Otani of the Kyoto University Primate Research Institute. We observed 6 primate species in the area (Macaca fascicularis, M. nemestrina, Nasalis larvatus, Trachypithecus cristatus, Presbytis rubicunda, and Pongo pygmaeus). I collected fecal samples from all species except P. rubicunda and P. pygmaeus to identify gastrointestinal parasites. Samples were collected in the early morning at the base of sleeping trees and stored in formalin, after a portion had been removed for parasite culture. I used very basic field techniques for parasite culture, which failed to yield any developing or infective larvae, partly due to time constraints and partly due to methodological issues. I was able to identify at least 2 helminth parasite species from fixed samples (Trichuris sp. and Strongyloides sp.), and observed multiple unidentified nematodes and one unidentified ciliate in samples collected during microscopy, but again time constraints and methodological issues prevented identification of the range of species known to be present in the area. However, the trip allowed me to identify target hypotheses regarding expected parasite communities in the area, and establish collaborative links that will facilitate testing of these hypotheses during continuation of this work.

Sabah, Borneo, Malaysia

Sabah, Borneo, Malaysia

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