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共同利用研究会 霊長類のゲノムと細胞研究
International symposium on Genomics and Cell Biology of Primates

会場: 霊長類研究所大会議室 Large conference room, PRI
日時: 3月23,24日 March 23-24, 2018
共催: 京都大学教育研究振興財団、

March 23th

session 1 chair: Hiroo Imai
  13:00~13:35 Roscoe Stanyon (University of Florence)
      Evolution of primate centromeres

  13:35~14:00 Hery Wijayanto (Universitas Gadjah Mada)
      Rearch Collaboration in Wildlife Animals wth Indonesian University
           (Challenge and Strategy to Success)

session 2 chair: Masanori Imamura
  14:20~14:55 Anthony Tosi (Kent State University)
      Sex Chromosome Introgression in Cercopithecine Monkeys

  14:55~15:30 Philip T. LoVerde (University of Texas)
      Cytogenetics of Schistosoma: A tale of development and accomplishment

Final lecture (Japanese) chair: Takakazu Yumoto
  16:00~17:00 Hirohisa Hirai (Kyoto University)
      In a town blooming flowers of fringe tree:
      chromosome evolution interwoven with heterochromatin

March 24th

session 3 chair: Akihiko Koga
  10:00~10:30 Heui-Soo Kim (Pusan National University)
      Chromosomal Location and Molecular Features of HERV Elements in Primates

  10:30~11:00 Hideyuki Tanabe (Sokendai)
      Spatial organization of chromosome territories and RCRO in primates

  11:00~11:30 Toshihiko Shiroishi (National Institute of Genetics)
      Origin of laboratory mouse strains

session 4 chair: Bambang Suryobroto
  13:00~13:20 Dyah Perwitasari-Farajallah (Bogor Agricultural University)
      Primate Research Center: an overview & research collaboration.

  13:20~13:45 Hiroo Imai (Kyoto University)
      Taste receptors and feeding behaviors as a target of molecular biology of primates

  13:45~14:05 Nami Hashido (Kyoto University)
      Genetic and functional diversity of bitter taste receptors in the Old World Monkeys

  14:05~14:25 Takashi Hayakawa (Kyoto University)
      Repertoire evolution of the bitter taste receptor genes in plant-eating mammals

session 5 chair: Hiroo Imai
  14:45~15:10 Yasuhiro Go (National Institute of Physiology)
      Cognitive genomics in primates

  15:10~15:35 Masanori Imamura (Kyoto University)
      Evolutionary Developmental Biology with Primate Stem Cells

Final lecture (English) chair: Akihiko Koga
  16:00~16:30 Hirohisa Hirai (Kyoto University)
      Y chromosome evolution by hiding behind autosome in night monkey