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STR polymorphism of mtDNA D-loop in rhesus macaques of Bangladesh

Mohammed Mostafa Feeroz , Kamrul Hasan , Yuzuru Hamada , Yoshi Kawamoto

Molecular variation of mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) was investigated for rhesus macaques (Macaca mulatta) of Bangladesh. A partial sequence (583–599 bp) of mtDNA containing the second variable region of the Dloop was compared for 39 individuals from five localities in the country. A total of seven haplotypes were detected with substitutional or insertion/deletion mutations. They contained a unique polymorphism of pentanucleotide STRs (short tandem repeats). There were at least four different length types, from two to five repeats of the unit nucleotide. One site of substitution and one site of single nucleotide insertion/deletion were also involved in the polymorphism. The mutation hot spots of the STR polymorphism were located between the first and second conserved sequence blocks (CSB1 and CSB2), as observed previously in some other mammals. The geographical distribution of the STR polymorphism revealed local differences; the northeastern population was polymorphic with three STR haplotypes, but other local populations were simply monomorphic with a single STR haplotype. Molecular phylogenetic analysis with reported sequences from outside Bangladesh indicated a low substitution diversity of mtDNA in Bangladesh. Clustering results suggested a close relationship to India and divergence from Laos and China.

Primates (2008) 49(1): 69-72

バングラデシュのアカゲザルにみられるミトコンドリアDNAの分子変異について調査した。国内の5地点で採取した39個体の糞試料からDNAを抽出し、第2可変域を含むDループの部分配列(583-599塩基)を解読したところ、5塩基を単位とする特徴的な短い反復配列の多型を発見した。調査した集団では、反復回数が異なる少なくとも4タイプが区別できた(反復回数は2~5回)。これ以外で配列にみられるちがいは、塩基置換変異が1箇所、1塩基の挿入/欠失変異が1箇所、だけであった。反復変異の部位は、何種かの哺乳類で以前に報告された例と同様に、conserved sequence block(CSB)の1番目と2番目の間に位置していた。反復配列変異は地理的分布にちがいを示し、東北地方の一集団内で3タイプが検出された以外はいずれの集団も1タイプに固定していた。バングラデシュ以外の報告と配列をくらべた結果から、バングラデシュ国内ではmtDNAの置換変異が少ないこと、分子系統ではインドタイプに近縁で中国やラオスのタイプとは大きく分化すること、が明らかになった。


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