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Japanese report

AS-HOPE report

Number: AS-24-024

Histological studies on olfactory bulbs of the bowhead whale.

Report: Kishida Takushi

Date: 2012/12/2 - 2012/12/24

I stayed at the Thewissen Lab. , Northeast Ohio Medical University during 2 to 16 December, and I conducted immunohistochemistrical works on the sections of bowhead whale olfactory bulbs using several sets of antibodies. The products thus obtained were turned into permanent preparation using a mounting agent, and then microscopic photographs were taken. I stayed at the Matsunami Lab. , Duke University during 16 to 22 December, and I learned the techniques for analyzing the function of olfactory receptor genes. I also discussed about our collaborative works with Drs. Thewissen and Matsunami during my stay in USA.

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