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Japanese report

AS-HOPE report

Number: AS-23-014

Acoustic research on Toninhas (Pontoporia blainvillei)

Report: Tadamichi MORISAKA

Date: 2012/2/24 - 2012/3/10

 I went to the special part of the Babitonga bay in Santa Catalina State, Brazil by using a boat belonging to "Projeto Toninhas" with the members of the project in almost every morning in order to take sounds from Toninha dolphins (Pontoporia blainvillei). After finding a toninha group, I put a hydrophone array which consisted of e hydrophones and two miniature acoustic data loggers (A-tag) under water, and recorded the sounds from dolphins. I also recorded sounds from sympatric Guiana dolphins (Sotalia guianensis) for comparison. I found dolphin groups during seven surveys and successfully recorded their sounds.

La Plata river dolphin keep away from the ship.

Put the underwater microphone array.

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