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Japanese report

AS-HOPE report

Number: AS-23-012

Attendance at Annual Conference of 13th British Association for

Report: Hiroko HASHIMOTO

Date: 2011/8/31 - 201/9/20

 I gave a presentation at Annual Conference of 13th British Association for Bioanthropology and Osteoarchaeology at The University of Edinburgh, "Mating Systems of the Prehistoric Jomon People from the Mainland Japan indicated by Dental Traits". The aims of this study are to determine whether the dental measurements and the non-metrical traits can be used for migration analysis, and to determine mating system in prehistoric Jomon period. The results of both dental measurements and non-metrical traits showed that male specimens made two large clusters according to regions (one was Kanto and Tohoku region and the other was Central region). On the other hand female specimens made much smaller clusters depending on areas and periods. These results indicated that males moved longer distance for marriage than female during the Jomon period. At the Sainsbury Institute, I perused both of books of English and Japanese about Japanese Archaeology and Japanese History. It is big collection about Japanese. And I arranged research with Dr. Simon Kaner of Sainsbury Instituteand Dr. Carolyn Land of UCL, in order to do future research.

Poster session of BABAO annual conference

Sainsbury Library

Sainsbury Center

The British Museum

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