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Japanese report

AS-HOPE report


to participate in the primatology field school.


Date:2010/07/31 - 2010/08/29

ĦĦIn Mugie Ranch, I observed wildlife in the morning and the night game drive. And I Attended a lecture on landform, tribes, climate, vegetation, and the interaction between wildlife of Kenya. In Rhino Sanctuary, I leaned the difference between white rhino and Black rhino, and how ranger's working. In Mpala research Station, I listened to a lecture about Scientific methods. In William Holden Foundation Education Center, I heard how they reuse water and how they put dung to good use as fuel. In chimpanzee Sanctuary, I leaned that Chimpanzees are sold as bush meat. And the the chimpanzees who were given protection had been under bad circumstances. Near the Tana river, I learned the conflict between Tana River City Council and the Tana River national Primate Reserve. And I also received training and practice of field methods, and in-depth analysis of previous field studies. I learned how to census primates, study social behavior and habitat use, practiced animal identification, time budget analysis via scan and focal animal sampling, and how to measure habitat use.

Group photo

Game drive in Mugie Ranch

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