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Japanese report

AS-HOPE report


Study on social behaviours in family groups of western lowland gorillas

Report:Miki Matsubara

Date:2010/07/01 - 2010/09/04

 I observed 23 western lowland gorillas of two family groups (Djala family in the Port Lympne and Djanghou family in the Howletts wild animal park) to compare social and physical development of playing behaviours and influence of captive environments on social behaviours. I used focal animal sampling in order to collect continuous behavioural data on one juvenile or infant per day, and checked behaviours of another family members and their distance from the observation subjects by scan sampling method. I collected data for activity budgets among juveniles and infants with environmental information, such as height, distance form their mother and the other family members, structural objects including garden plants, to analyze difference of variation of playing behaviours according to their sex, age and so on. To analyze influence of social relationship on development of sociality, I observed gestures and facial expression with playing and reaction to it by the other individuals to analyze influence of the other family members on development of sociality in the infants and juveniles.

Mayunba (3years old female) with Buttercup

Luna (1year old male)  

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