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Job Vacancy Announcement
June 12, 2019

Takakazu YUMOTO
Director, Kyoto University Primate Research Institute

Job Posting: Assistant Professor (Term-limited) at Center for International Collaboration and Advanced Studies in Primatology

Kyoto University invites applications for a term-limited position (7 years with no reappointment) as an Assistant Professor at the Center for International Collaboration and Advanced Studies in Primatology (CICASP).

The Primate Research Institute (KUPRI) and Wildlife Research Center (WRC) of Kyoto University together aspire to become an international hub for scientific research. Toward this goal, CICASP, which serves both research divisions, promotes cutting-edge international collaborative research, recruits and supports international students from outside Japan, and trains future global leaders. We seek a scientist with a broad vision who will be able to promote research and education while performing the following duties as a member of CICASP:

Primary Duties

・ Supervise masters or doctoral research in primatology or wildlife science
・ Administer entrance examinations for the international graduate program, twice a year
・ Support international students and visiting researchers from abroad
・ Organize and run workshops on science communication (oral/poster presentations, scientific debate, critical thinking, etc.)
・ Participate in strategic planning for recruitment of international students
・ Attend faculty meetings and other staff meetings related to the operation of CICASP


1. Sufficient fluency in both English and Japanese to perform above-listed duties. Able to prepare university-related administrative documents in Japanese.
2. A doctoral degree obtained within the last 8 years.

Although KUPRI is located in the city of Inuyama in Aichi Prefecture, the Assistant Professor in this position will be based at WRC in Kyoto to lead its internationalization, and occasionally travel to KUPRI to attend meetings as needed.
While prior research experience in primatology or wildlife science is not essential, the successful applicant will have the capacity to contribute to advanced international research programs in those areas as well as training and teaching of students and the operation of CICASP.
To apply for this position, please refer to the job posting in Japanese.