HOPE report

Number: 24-010

Investigation on social systems in black-and-white colobus

Report: Matsuda Ikki

Date: 2012/9/20 - 2012/11/19

ĦĦTo better understand flexible social systems of colobine monkeys, I studied a group of black-and-white colobuses in the Kalinzu Forest Reserve from September to November 2012. Preliminary observations (first one month) were collected on several black-and-white colobus groups before the most habituated group was chosen for study. During these preliminary observations, I identified the focal group members by describing their individual physical characteristics. I estimated the relative age of each individual using the age/sex categories provided by the previous publications. After the habituation, I collected the behavioral data of the focal group in black-and-white colobuses. In addition to the behavioral observations, I set up the vegetation plots to estimate the food availability for black-and-white colobuses in the study site. Trees > 10 cm diameter breast height (DBH) and vines > 5 cm diameter located in the vegetation plots were marked. All labeled trees and vines were taxonomically identified with the support of the local staff.

Adult male in the focal group

Feeding on their favorite young leaves Celtis durandii (Cannabaceae)

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