HOPE report

Number: 23-014

Experimental study on animal welfare of rhesus monkeys and survey of environmental enrichment

Report: OGURA, Tadatoshi

Date: 2011/12/3 - 2012/3/1

 During the first month of my stay at Oregon, I collected information about caring for animal welfare in animal experimental facilities. First of all, I observed the works of the staff in the Behavior Service Unit of Oregon National Primate Research Center, the department which accepted my stay. After that, I worked with an enrichment coordinator. She showed actual implementation of environmental enrichment and other works. During such works, I also prepared my experiment. In next two months, I did experimental study on animal welfare of captive rhesus monkeys. I gave some feeding devices which had different difficulties to rhesus monkeys and evaluate their effects on foraging time. I compared young and old monkeys to investigate the effect of aging on feeding enrichment. During my stay I also visit Oregon zoo to meet with Dr. David Shepherdson. We exchange information on environmental enrichment for apes in zoos.

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