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Japanese report

AS-HOPE report

Number: AS-23-MA07

On-the-job training of wildlife in the Conservation Area of Sabah,

Report: SAWAGURI Shuta

Date: 2011/6/20 - 2011/7/1

 In Imbak Canyon Conservation Area (Jun 22 to 23), I saw several kinds of dragonflies and butterflies, huge trees with buttress roots, strangler figs and so on, but did not see few animals. Around the tree with red fruits near the camp, I saw a small-toothed palm civet, binturong, squirrel, fruit bats and some kinds of birds including the rhinoceros hornbill in the early morning and in the evening to the night. I also saw two kinds of fireflies. One emits light in a shorter time than Japanese ones. The other does so 7 or 8 times at once. On the way to Bukit Buruang, in this conservation area, I saw a Müller's Bornean gibbon and a small cave probably used by the sun bear and heard a feral doglike call of the sun bear. I also saw a mass of mouse deer feces. In Maliau Basin Conservation Area (Jun 25 to 27), on the way to Agathis camp, I saw feces of the banteng and Borneo elephant and footprints of the common palm civet. On the way from Agathis to Nepenthes camp (Jun 25), I saw trees, corns and white lump of sap of Agathis, several kinds of pitcher plants with different coloration, size etc. and a gliding lizard. On the way from Nepenthes to Ginseng camp (Jun 26), I saw the boundary between a heath forest and tropical forest and a three-dimensional complicated net of a spider. The water of Maliau Fall is black in color like tea. At Ginseng camp, I observed three individuals of the plain pigmy squirrel. On the way from Ginseng to Agathis camp (Jun 27),I saw a leaf-like butterfly or moth. On night drive, I saw a common palm civet, small-toothed palm civet, masked palm civet, samber deer. On the Klias river cruise (Jun 30), I saw proboscis monkeys etc.

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