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HOPE report


Participation and presentation in International Conference on Infant Studies

Report:Misato Hayashi

Date:2010/03/10 - 2010/03/16

I did a poster presentation at the 17th Biennial International Conference on Infant Studies held at Baltimore, Maryland. The poster reported the results of direct comparison of cognitive development in chimpanzees and humans assessed by object-manipulation tasks. I had informative discussion on my results with researchers from related field, such as Prof. Jeffrey J. Lockman (Tulane University) and young researchers from Max Planc Institute. I also introduced a comparative perspective on cognitive development by direct comparison of chimpanzees and humans in a face-to-face paradigm which is relatively rare to be conducted in Western countries. I collected information on latest research activities using the new methods of eye tracking or brain-activity in human infants. Another interesting perspective was the assessment of infants at high-risk of autism spectrum disorders. I also joined an invited address of Prof. Andrew N. Meltzoff who is leading the research on imitative ability in infants.

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