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A Potent anti-Simian Immunodeficiency Virus Neutralizing Antibody Induction Associated with a Germline Immunoglobulin Gene Polymorphism in Rhesus Macaques
Matsuoka S, Kuwata T, Ishii H, Sekizuka T, Kuroda M, Sano M, Okazaki M, Yamamoto H, Shimizu M, Matsushita S, Seki Y, Saito A, Sakawaki H, Hirsch VM, Miura T, Akari H, Matano T.

Virus infection induces B cells with a wide variety of B cell receptor (BCR) repertoires. Patterns of induced BCR repertoires are different in individuals, while the underlying mechanism causing this difference remains largely unclear. In particular, the impact of germ line BCR immunoglobulin (Ig) gene polymorphism on B cell/antibody induction has not fully been determined. In the present study, we found a potent antibody induction associated with a germ line BCR Ig gene polymorphism. B404-class antibodies, which were previously reported as potent anti-simian immunodeficiency virus (SIV) neutralizing antibodies using the germ line VH3.33 gene-derived Ig heavy chain, were induced in five of 10 rhesus macaques after SIVsmH635FC infection. Investigation of VH3.33 genes in B404-class antibody inducers (n = 5) and non-inducers (n = 5) revealed association of B404-class antibody induction with a germ line VH3.33 polymorphism. Analysis of reconstructed antibodies indicated that the VH3.33 residue 38 is the determinant for B404-class antibody induction. B404-class antibodies were induced in all the macaques possessing the B404-associated VH3.33 allele, even under undetectable viremia. Our results show that a single nucleotide polymorphism in germ line VH genes could be a determinant for induction of potent antibodies against virus infection, implying that germ line VH-gene polymorphisms can be a factor restricting effective antibody induction or responsiveness to vaccination.
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Journal of Virology, online ahead of print, 2021.


2021/03/05 Primate Research Institute