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Evaluation of anaesthetic and cardiorespiratory effects after intramuscular administration of alfaxalone alone, alfaxalone-ketamine and alfaxalone-butorphanol-medetomidine in common marmosets (Callithrix jacchus).
Miyabe-Nishiwaki T, Miwa M, Konoike N, Kaneko A, Ishigami A, Natsume T, MacIntosh AJJ, Nakamura K.

BACKGROUND: Anaesthesia is often required in common marmosets undergoing various procedures. The aim of this study was to evaluate anaesthetic and cardiopulmonary effects of alfaxalone, alfaxalone-ketamine and alfaxalone-butorphanol-medetomidine in common marmosets.

METHODS: The following treatments were repeatedly administered to seven female common marmosets: Treatment A, alfaxalone (12 mg kg-1 ) alone; treatment AK, alfaxalone (1 mg animal-1 ) plus ketamine (2.5 mg animal-1 ); treatment AMB, alfaxalone (4 mg kg-1 ), medetomidine (50 µg kg-1 ) plus butorphanol (0.3 mg kg-1 ); and treatment AMB-Ati, AMB with atipamezole at 45 minutes.

RESULTS AND CONCLUSIONS: Marmosets became laterally recumbent and unresponsive for approximately 30 minutes in A and AK and for approximately 60 minutes in AMB. The animals showed rapid recovery following atipamezole injection in AMB-Ati. The decrease in heart rate and SpO2 was significantly greater in AMB compared to A and AK. Oxygen supplementation, anaesthetic monitors and atipamezole should be available especially when AMB is administered.
Bibliographic information

J Med Primatol. 2020 Jul 12. https://doi.org/10.1111/jmp.12482 Online ahead of print.
2020/09/03 Primate Research Institute