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CD16(+) natural killer cells play a limited role against primary dengue virus infection in tamarins.

Yoshida T, Omatsu T, Saito A, Katakai Y, Iwasaki Y, Iijima S, Kurosawa T, Hamano M, Nakamura S, Takasaki T, Yasutomi Y, Kurane I, Akari H.

CD16 is a major molecule expressed on NK cells. To directly assess the role of natural killer (NK) cells in dengue virus (DENV) infection in vivo, CD16 antibody-treated tamarins were inoculated with a DENV-2 strain. This resulted in the transient depletion of CD16(+) NK cells, whereas no significant effects on the overall levels or kinetics of plasma viral loads and antiviral antibodies were observed in the treated monkeys when compared to control monkeys. It remains elusive whether the CD16(-) NK subpopulation could play an important role in the control of primary DENV infection.

Archives of Virology, Dec 3, 2011 


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