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Primates of the genus Altanius (Mammalia, Primates) from the Lower Eocene of Tsagan-Khushu, southern Mongolia

Evgeny N. Maschenko, Masanaru Takai

Altanius is one of the most oldest euprimates ever discovered from the early Eocene Naran-Bulak Formation, Tsagan-Khushu, southern Mongolia. In this paper, we describe three additional specimens of A. orlovi Dashzeveg et McKenna, 1977, and establish a new species, A. magnus sp. nov., in which M2 is distinctly larger than in A. orlovi. The discovery of a new species of Altanius provides further information on the evolutionary history of early primates in the Eurasian continent.

Russian Journal of Theriology, 9(2):61-69 (2010)


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