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Animal Welfare and Animal Care Committee

Animal welfare is an indispensable element in research using laboratory animals. Special considerations are particularly required for the treatment of non-human primates. In order to deal with this problem, the Institute established its own guidelines in April, 1986, and revised them in 1988. The "Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Primates" dictates the judicious and human care and use of non-human primates at the Institute.

For smooth implementation of the guidelines, a monitoring committee, the "Animal Care Committee", has been set up with the approval of the Institute. The Animal Care Committee is responsible for all the activities using monkeys and apes at the Institute, including the Cooperation Research Program.

The major activities of the Committee are as follows:

The Institute has also issued "Guidelines for the Study of Wild Primates and Use of Wild-born Primates" in March of 1989.

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