Overseas field research in Bali

報告者:ナハッァゲ チャーマリ

期間:2008/08/14 - 2008/08/28

Funded by HOPE project, from 15th to 24th August I visited the Padangtegal Sacred Monkey Forest in Ubud to conduct observations on the stone handling behavior of the long-tailed macaques (Macaca fascicularis) living there. There were four macaque troops inhabiting the forest and we concentrated on the biggest troop, that ranged around the cemetery and the cremation area which belongs to Padangtegal Temple in the sacred forest.

I started data collection from the 15th with Prof. Michael A. Huffman and Dr. J-B. Leca. Data was collected everyday from 9:00 to 17:00 hours, I collected complete video focal sampling of individual monkeys from different age sex classes and took scans roughly every hour to determine the troop's activity budget. During the course of the study we were able to observe 32 stone handling patterns displayed by the long-tailed macaques and at least 2 of them were new stone handling behavioral patterns that have not been displayed either by Japanese or rhesus macaques.

On 25th we traveled to other monkey sites (Bukit Gumang temple, Budugel site, Uluwatu site) with our Balinese colleagues. However no stone handling was observed in these two troops during this visit and it has not observed by other researchers earlier as well.

On the 27th morning visited Udayana University to participate in a seminar organized by the University staff. I gave a presentation entitled "The comparison of stone handling behavior between Japanese and rhesus macaques" and gave a brief summery of the stone handling behavior in long-tailed macaques that we observed in the monkey forest.

Afterwards we had discussions with faculty members and students.
In the afternoon we visited Udayana University's newly established Primate Research Center in Jimbaran, Denpasar. On the 28th left Bali and arrived in Nagoya on the 29th August.

Monkeys stonehandling in Ubud, Bali

Nahallage observing monkeys (Ubud-Bali)

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