Presentation in the 22nd IPS international congress

報告者:チャン ポン

期間:2008/07/31 - 0000/08/11

 I attended the 22nd Congress of the International Primatological Society (IPS) and visited the National Natural Museum in Great British. The IPS congress was held in Edingburgh city, Scotland from August 3rd to 8th. On 4th I made a poster presentation entitled 'Habituate hot spring bath by a group of Japanese macaques in their natural habitats', and on the 8th I made an oral presentation entitled 'The Sichuan snub-nosed monkey and its multi-level societies'. On 7th and 8th, I intensively joined in the odd-nose monkey symposium and the other two-day sections focusing on odd-nosed monkey. The congress provided me a great chance to communicate with world-wide primatologists, particularly with many researchers who are also studying odd-nosed monkeys.

 I visited the Natural History Museum in London after the IPS congress. The exhibitions on mammal, marine invertebrates, insects, primates and human biology were very interesting and expanded my knowledge in various perspectives.

  The trip gave me a great chance to meet many primatologists and to learn the latest progress of current primatological researches. It was a marvelous experience for me.

Group photo of researchers studying odd-nosed monkeys after 
the symposium 'Odd-nosed monkey: evolution, behavior and conservation'.

Open ceremony of '22nd congress of the international Primatological Society (IPS)'.
 Dr. Paul Honess, the Chair of exclusive committee for IPS 2008.

Morning break at the Edinburgh International Congress Centre (EICC).

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